About Lisa

Lisa Santonato is a writer, actor, director, and digital media producer with seventeen years’ experience in online video production. As Founder and Director of FTP Media (originally established as Forward Thinking Productions in 1999), Lisa has shot, edited, directed, and produced campaign videos for a diverse range of clients across the cultural, non-profit, and business sectors. 

While her early training encompassed musical and theatrical performance, Lisa’s discipline quickly became focused in the production and practice of film, television, and media arts, gathering much of her training through apprenticeships in the Toronto film industry during the early 1990’s. Following a move to Vancouver in 1995, Lisa gained valuable experience working as Senior Editor of a free-press publication called Taxi Vancouver Mag.zine (1996-1998), one of the earliest online magazines in Canada.

Lisa is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in the Cinema and Media Studies program at York University, with an expected graduation date in 2018. She completed her Honours B.A. in Cinema Studies and Anthropology (Social, Cultural, Linguistic) at the University of Toronto in 2016. 

All photos by Steve Carty Photographer, 2017.


A trained actor with a natural on-camera presence, Lisa Santonato appears in the forthcoming release of a new feature film called Love in the Sixth, written, directed, produced by, and starring, Judith Klassen, with Mika Kay, Wendy Sinclair, T.C. Folkpunk, Brett Butler, Jason Butler, and Shay Steinberg, alongside a host of star performers including Mikela Jay, Dennis Trainor, Collette Savard, John Lefebvre, John Doyle, and Les Stroud. Watch for more exciting news and updates!

View the Love in the Sixth movie trailer here!