Lisa Santonato

Lisa Santonato is a writer, actor, director and producer with over ten years of experience in digital video production. As Director of FTP Media Inc. (originally established as Forward Thinking Productions), Lisa has shot, edited, directed, and produced countless videos for a diverse range of clients across the film, television, non-profit, and business sectors since founding her freelance business in 1999.

While her earliest training encompassed performance in music and theatre, Lisa’s discipline soon became focused in the production and practice of film, television, and new media arts. From apprenticeships to production roles in the Toronto film and television industry, the early 1990’s were a formative era where Lisa developed the essential skills required for producing. Following a move to Vancouver in 1995, Lisa gained valuable experience working as Senior Editor of a free-press publication called Taxi Vancouver Mag.zine (1996-1998), one of the earliest online magazines in Canada.

Upon returning to Toronto in 1999, Lisa completed the New Media Design Program at the CFC Media Lab (formerly MediaLinx H@bitat). She launched FTP Media that same year and incorporated in 2003. She has been producing online video work for clients and with creative collaborators ever since, and has simultaneously been developing her creative path in digital storytelling. 

Currently, Lisa is pursuing her Master’s degree in the Cinema and Media Studies program at York University, with an expected graduation date in October 2019. In April she completed the Data Analytics Boot Camp at the University of Toronto’s School for Continuing Studies. She completed her Honours B.A. in Cinema Studies and Anthropology (Social, Cultural, Linguistic) at the University of Toronto in 2016. 

Photo by Steve Carty Photographer, 2017.


A trained actor with a natural on-camera presence, Lisa Santonato appears in the forthcoming release of a new feature film called Love in the Sixth, written, directed, produced by, and starring, Judith Klassen, with Mika Kay, Wendy Sinclair, T.C. Folkpunk, Brett Butler, Jason Butler, and Shay Steinberg, alongside a host of star performers including Mikela Jay, Dennis Trainor, Collette Savard, John Lefebvre, John Doyle, and Les Stroud. Watch for more exciting news and updates!

View the Love in the Sixth movie trailer here!


Lisa is a consummate professional - and has worked seamlessly with teams - whether of her own creation or that she joined for a specific project. She is a very highly skilled videographer and director, in addition to her technical and production skills in relation to livestream.

Kim Elliott


"Lisa has multiple skills in editing, shooting, writing and editorial skills. But it is her seamless combination of the three that makes her so valuable."

Sudha Krishna

Strategic Initiatives, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology at Simon Fraser University

“Lisa is a highly motivated, results-driven creative producer, comfortable in the worlds of (analog) film and video, digital video, and on-line media.”

Jim Shedden

Manager, Publishing, Art Gallery of Ontario

“ extremely creative and resourceful producer. Every one of her projects was well crafted, carefully managed and original.

Alex Weisz

President/Partner, Unikron, Inc.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone as hard working and dedicated to a project as she is.

James Ridout

Video Producer, Diamond Integrated Marketing

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