This web documentary describes itself as “an independent cross-media documentary” and “an itinerary on the american dream’s footsteps.” It presents for me everything I don’t want Talking Freedom to be in the interactive form. From the menu, there appears to be only one link: “Habitacle”. It seems we should start here, but the link takes us to a static image of the inside of a vehicle, with audio playing — is it a station? A map stands out brightly against a greyish background. Rolling over the the images reveals links to the content. Starting with “En Route” the documentary seems to begin. Recorded audio plays over an abstract panning shot. From a quick glance, the content is perhaps interestingly similar in terms of what we have to work with, but the aesthetic is different from our approach. The short sequence ends with a still frame image of the person speaking with a request to comment or engage in the discussion. I am more inclined towards an immersive approach to i-documentary.